Who We Are Our People

Our outstanding products and services are delivered to our customers by our passionate and exceptional people

Together, we continuously increase our deep knowledge in company-wide scaling of customer engagement, digital and agile capabilities to help our customers to compete and succeed in the digital world.

Meet some of our people

Sonja Noben

Sonja’s passion is (re)shaping the future of companies in today’s challenging digital economic context. As a strategic visionary, she leads and drives scaled digital transformations towards outstanding success. 

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Guido Busseniers

Guido is a seasoned Coach and Mentor applying an authentic, pragmatic and impactful approach. While combining kindness, showdown, sharp analysis and humor he achieves lasting personal and team development.

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Anne-Marie Zeghers

Anne-Marie’s vast knowledge and experience in defining and implementing company-wide business agility and scaled operating models unlock superior customer engagement and operational excellence.

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Dries Dewilde

The most important asset of a company is its people. Dries has a passion for people and helps them to scale up to the next level in knowledge and expertise. With his help, all your teams will soon embrace digitization, agility and customer engagement.

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Melanie Otersen

Melanie is a dynamic, motivated and committed professional with a proven track record of generating and building relationships. She manages scaling projects from concept to completion and coaches people to success.

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Günther Lemmens

Günther holds an excellent track record in vision creation and co-creating execution strategy. He builds strong and motivated teams that deliver agile and customer centric results.

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Laurence Jourdain

For years Laurence has accompanied strategic transformations at large and complex companies. With this extensive and holistic experience in transformations she takes scaled agility at heart.

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Henk Coppens

As a hands-on intrapreneur Henk has helped several companies successfully implementing agility in Process, Project, Programme and Portfolio Management. Agility holds no secrets for him.

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Annabel Van den Bunder

Annabel is passionate about optimizing the employee journey during Scaling and Digital Transformations. She takes pride in supporting customers through the entire cycle of the organizational change.

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Alexander Suykens

Alexander shines brightest when working in agile environments. He maximizes change opportunities by focusing on the human dynamics in an agile way.

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Jef Teugels, CCXP

Jef is a Certified Customer Experience Professional and works in the energy field created at the intersection of customer behavior, organizational readiness, and exponential technologies.

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Jens Desmet

Jens has profound expertise in communication and @Scale learning.  He is able to translate complex material in understandable bitesize messages in any format. 

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