Who We Are Agile Collaboration

Boosting growth for our customers with our agile mindset

Delivering tailored company-wide scaling of agility together with our passion to combine and mutually enforce operational excellence and customer engagement is the result of the ‘agile collaboration’ energizing the DigitalScaler workforce.

Better serve our clients is done by means of a continuous improvement journey based on a strong experimental mindset. Our full team takes part in this approach.

Agile Collaboration Model

Our tribes, guilds & squads

Serving our customers is based on improving our key capabilities and services continuously.

Based on Spotify practices, we created our own tribes, guilds and squads.  On a weekly basis, these self-steering teams gather and share the latest industry developments. They also create our own DigitalScaler methods, frameworks, tools and solutions. Doing so, all our customers are guaranteed top state-of-the art quality services and outcomes.

We help our clients with a unified approach through our internal agile operating model that ensures the holistic and continuous up-skilling of our experts and our own maturity.