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The succes of a transformation is determined by its key drivers

Companies that embraced ‘customer value-driven’ digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their peers, reveals a recent study at MIT. Highly engaged customers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per purchase and have 3 times the annual value compared to the average customer. This means there is a huge revenue opportunity for companies digitally transforming their business relentlessly driven by customer engagement rather than cost.

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What is driving your transformation?

Are ‘Operational Excellence & Cost Efficiency’ the driving forces behind your digital transformation?

Or is your ‘Customer engagement vision’ the driving force behind your transformation?

Do you know how to balance the forces of both in an end-to-end collaborative, participative customer-focused approach?

Have you started multiple digital transformation initiatives?

  1. Operational excellence programs to increase your company’s efficiency?
  2. Agile transformation initiatives to increase your speed of delivery & innovation?
  3. (Re)design of your most impactful customer journey’s and value streams?
end-to-end approach

We believe in a balanced end-to-end integration

Integrate your operational excellence & simplification initiatives with your customer engagement programmes, end-to-end and relentlessly driven by creating customer value.

Today, there are many good yet shadow transformation initiatives underway in many companies.

A balanced end-to-end integration of both your cost-driven and customer-driven initiatives will enable you to be ‘Act as ONE organisation’ rather than a collection of silos, an approach that will deliver remarkable value for both your customers and your business.

I want to have an end-to-end ‘Customer Value’ driven approach