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Up-skilling your WorkForce

WoW people create WoW customers! Truly motivated and skilled people feeling comfortable with agile and digital collaboration, working remotely and/or distributed, having an open and data-driven mindset, able to handle digital technologies and who are obsessed by customers, will make your company a winning team.

Up-skilling has two major advantages:

  • the company strengthens its competences to innovate and remain relevant for its customers
  • the employees’ skills continually align with the market evolution.


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Your people benefits

Transforming your company and focus on customer engagement implies a massive up-skilling effort of employees who need to take up new roles and/or functions. It is critical to boost employee motivation and productivity levels. But most of all motivated employees are more loyal to the company, higher customer engagement is generated and an increase in productivity obtained.

It is of utmost importance to create personalised re-skilling tracks based on the customer centricity levels you want to attain.

Blended learning experiences presenting a mixture of on-line and off-line learning have proven success. Maximum effectiveness is attained by training only what will be used in the day-to-day job.


Skilled workforce drivers

  • Engage with a Holistic Scaling Partner
  • Up-skill your key change ambassadors, talents and target groups
  • Aim to create blended learning experiences
  • Avoid anarchy and ensure agile teams autonomy
  • Sustain multi-skilled profiles
  • Attract and retain new talents and trainees
  • Define and integrate key learning journeys per role

Our unique training and traineeship offer

Train & Coach

Training and coaching your workforce

Your change ambassadors, key talents and target groups

Our experienced and certified experts train and coach your workforce in the areas of customer engagement, business agility, digital and data technology strategies and professional perspectives.


Unique and diverse traineeships

Externally attracted trainees hired for your company

We offer intensive traineeship programs to attract and retain high potentials for your company. They acquire soft, hard and leadership skills via continuous coaching and training. By performing different assignments, they become the key change agents that will energize your company.

Learning Material

Co-create and build your digital academy

Extending your training platform with our unique knowledge

We help you to design and populate your next up-skilling journey based on our hands-on learning material. We tailor insightful yet digestible content based on the skill challenges you and your workforce face.

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