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Deliver unlimited innovative customer experience fast, at high quality, secure, operationally robust, and at the right price all starts with a modular and scalable architecture. The true engine of the future digital model is an architecture able to scale-up quickly in order to continuously match the demands of your customers.


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Our silver bullets of scalable digital architectures

Modularity, scalability and speed through:

  • data driven design from internal source to the customer interaction edge
  • one digital platform backbone for customers and employees
  • every connection through API both for internal integration and external ecosystems
  • re-usable microservices by design
  • hybrid cloud that is always available
  • secure and reliable by design

The benefits are multiple

Data Driven

Data Driven

Is your data too often replicated, held in silo’s, hard to find, use and share?

Data driven by design enables broad data usage and sharing. Data becomes valuable for you as a result of the much higher WOW effect of your services on your customers.

Digital Backbone

One Digital Backbone

Is your technology partly outdated or having too many channels and platforms?

One modular omni-channel platform for both your customer and employees will increase the delight for both through simple and consistent interactions across all touchpoints.

Open API

Open API

Do you lack re-usable API-libraries to loosely couple and interconnect?

Through your broad adoption of Open APIs your customers will be able to consume your ‘great customer experiences and services’-offer through the ecosystems of their choice.


Agile Microservices Architecture

Is your application architecture too monolithic, inflexible and slowing you down?

Fully automated microservices designed as loosely coupled services -interconnected through APIs and cloud founded- organised around your business capabilities, will enable speed and flexibility to adapt to your customers needs.


24/7 Cloud Founded

Is your IT environment truly supporting innovation and fast responsiveness?

Digital marketplaces and customer experience require agility and speed. A hybrid cloud-based architecture is key to respond quickly to changes and needs of your customers.

Secure Services

Secure and Reliable Services by Design

Is your architecture capable to support high but agile levels of security?

Shareable security mechanisms carried across your multiple touchpoints, e.g. adaptive authentication ranging from light to heavy patterns depending on the type of user and the context of the interactions.

Thanks to DigitalScaler our next steps within the data industrialisation strategy to scale our data assets for a sustainable digital future are crystal clear. Chief Data Officer @ a large Insurance Company

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