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Customer engagement at the heart of everything you do

Your customer is consistently put at the heart of your company. The current level of your customer culture is an important predictor of your future business results. As a consequence the achievement of your goals is predictable. Most importantly, your level of customer culture can be measured and strengthened.

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Customer culture

In a strong customer culture every employee, regardless of role and function, shares the belief that what is best for the customer, is best for business. It is the prerequisite for consistently good customer experience. A customer culture is a shared set of behaviors and skills that can be developed, refined, and practiced until they become habits leading to better personal and business results.

Businesses increasing their customer culture level by 50% see a rise in profitability of 16%.

The ultimate aim

When what you offer is top of mind and tip of tongue for your customers, you reached your ultimate goal. When they need what you offer, they think of you and they talk about you. But,  your customers will only remember and choose you if you excel in helping them achieve their goals. By serving customers better, we serve everybody better.

There is only one boss, the customer. She can fire everybody in the company, from the chairman down, simply by spending her money somewhere else. Sam Walton

Customer engagement drivers

Are you ready to meet the ever-changing expectations of your customers in an exponential digital world? Do you know if and why they would want more than just a transactional relationship with you in the first place?

It has been proven that behavioral habits that create alignment with customers and markets drive business performance. Your behavioral habits can be measured, your business performance can be predicted.

Business Differentiation Cycle
BizzDiff Cycle

Building customer-centric by design value propositions

Digital Transformation Foundation

Refers to phases 0 to 6 of the BizzDiff Cycle

Focusing first and foremost on technology is a recipe for disaster, although everybody knows we need to digitalize. Be wise and lay a solid market- and customer-driven foundation. It will guide you toward success and a sustainable future avoiding heavy losses and customer churn. Then choose the technology that fits you.

Market Responsiveness Index (MRI) TM

Refers to phase 0 of the BizzDiff Cycle

The current level of your customer culture determines the extent to which your strategies can be executed and predicts your future business performance. The baseline assessment reveals your strengths and the priorities to strengthen them even more. The MRI TM allows you to measure and manage your progress.

Primary Customer Identification

Refers to phase 1 of the BizzDiff Cycle

The primary customer is the select group of customers that unlocks most value for your company. By identifying them, you know who to invest in for a maximal ROI and active advocacy, and whose lookalikes to attract for sustainable growth.

The strategic choice of primary customer—with special emphasis on “primary”—defines the business Prof. Dr. R. Simons – Harvard
If you want to know your real unknowns, take the MRI. CEO of a mid-sized software development company

Customer Job Mapping

Refers to phase 2 of the BizzDiff Cycle

Mapping the customer job (what your customer is trying to achieve) reveals with precision what drives her, which pains she wants relieved, which expectations met, which preferences to respect, and which gains to deliver.

Experience Mapping | ExperiMap TM

Refers to phase 2 of the BizzDiff Cycle

Mapping the complete customer journey through observation of and immersion in the customer is key for effective customer experience management. ExperiMapTM provides the evidence to create the optimal conditions and environment for desired customer experience to emerge consistently.

Value Proposition Design

Refers to phase 3 of the BizzDiff Cycle

Your customer job-aligned value propositions are the reasons why your customers prefer your offer over other alternatives. You differentiate from alternatives by hyper-relevance at all moments of truth. Your communication engages customers and stimulates desired behaviors.

The journey to customer engagement

Starting the journey is simple. You and your employees take a short online assessment. We provide you a benchmarked report showing how your company stacks up against the world’s best. But what’s more valuable is the data you gain from your employees open-ended responses telling you what needs to be fixed. These data along with our best practices allow you to build an action roadmap for developing a truly customer-centric culture.

Market Responsiveness Index
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Strong customer culture outcomes

These factors have a decisive impact on:

  • Sales Growth
  • Employer Attractiveness
  • Customer and Employee Retention
  • New Product Success
  • Innovation
  • Profitability

Become a certified practitioner

Develop your expertise and help your company build the customer-centric culture it needs to win. Become certified in customer culture best practices and tools used by companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple in driving business performance to retain customers and engage employees.


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