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Impactful change & communication is key to onboard your people to their new reality

Your employees adopting and embracing these changes is key to ensure your successful transformation. Putting your people at the centre of your journey is your biggest driver for success. We help you to define a change & communication stream that is human-centric and guiding towards a high-performing company culture. And who will benefit from this approach: your customers!

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The ‘people side’ of transformations is always underestimated

Every (global) digital transformation fundamentally changes the operations, processes, services and products of companies as known today for the benefit of the customer. Whether this transformation is linked to a new strategy, a digitalization or the implementation of new technologies, it demands a shift in the mindset, a new way of working and a change of habits of all impacted stakeholders.

Do you put people in the center of your transformation? Do you always define a change & communication stream in your transformation projects? At DigitalScaler we are convinced success is only gained when people are the main focus.

Without a new story to replace the old one, a transformation will never occur George Monbiot
Healthy Culture

Creating a differentiating culture

What often separates the highest-performing organizations from the rest is culture. We view culture as the cumulative effect of what people do and how they do it – and it determines an organisation’s performance. The values and behaviours are placed centrally in your change and communication approach.

Agile change & communication management means

practices are adjusted

They become iterative, plans are designed to be modified as needed, more work is required upfront, and work needs to be done in less time and at a faster pace.

different success contributors

Early engagement of change & communication management, a flexible and adaptable change approach, more and consistent communication with early wins and celebration of successes are key to succeed.

engagement at all levels

Engagement is key between the agile teams and the change & communication management resources, as well as engagement of your senior leaders and your impacted employees.

The traditional practice areas of change & communication management are challenged, adapted and give raise of working differently in Agile. The success of your transformation is directly linked to the integrated change and communication approach and impacts your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Change Management Practice Areas
  1. Sponsorship
  2. Approach
  3. Resources
  4. Integration of change and project management
  5. Employee engagement
  6. Communication
  7. Manager engagement
  8. Training
  9. Resistance management
  10. Reinforcement

Do you want to put your people at the center of your transformation?