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Transform to a company-wide collaborative agile business

Agility towards market changes and fast-evolving customer behavior is the only way any company can thrive and secure its sustainable, competitive future. True business agility to continuously respond with innovative business solutions, faster than the competition will make the difference between the winners and those who will not survive.

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Our integrated holistic agile scaling framework and method

Our approach enables our customers to react fast and agile to changing customers demands and market disruptions, with innovative business responses.

We design, tailor and embed multiple types of scaled agile operating models, eg.:

  • agile project teams
  • agile product teams
  • agile DevOps teams
  • agile Biz-Dev-Sec-Ops teams

Creating true business agility thanks to key levers

Agile Operating Model

Business Agility Strategy and Scaled Operating Model

Company-wide and Tailored

We help companies in defining their Business Agility strategy and with the design and implementation of their tailored scaled agile operating model, governance, portfolio prioritisation and decision-taking. Your operating model will enable you to fast design and deliver innovative customer offers. Customer journeys will be at the heart of all your agile teams, enabling unseen business agility across your entire company.

Agile Coaching

Scaled Agile Leadership and Team Coaching

Uniform and consistent approach

We deliver uniform and orchestrated scaled agile coaching to your leadership at all levels, including C-level and team level. To best serve our customers, all our consultants share and continuously increase their knowledge about agile transformation at large scale. They master what works in a specific context and culture, but also the pitfalls to avoid rework and repairs.

Agile Training

Scaled Agile Training and Traineeships

Exceptional expertise

We deliver exceptional training in Business Agility. We master a broad range of scaled agile practices and ceremonies of different scaling schools (e.g. Scrum@Scale, SAFe, LeSS, DA, Spotify), tailoring agile training or complete traineeships to your specific needs and context. Thanks to our expertise acquired in former large-scale implementations, we are able to combine theory with real life execution practice.

Agile Leadership Awareness

Leadership Agile Awareness Workshops

Structure to support Strategic Ambition

We organise and lead workshops with your C-level suite and/or multiple leadership levels. Here we create awareness and understanding of how a scaled agile operating model can help your company to reach full business agility. The aim is to create buy-in and ownership for this important transformation journey through which your company can achieve its strategic ambitions.

DigitalScaler has been instrumental in helping and coaching our teams that are going through a period of massive change. Head of Agile Transformation @ a large Financial Institution

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