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Your Upskilling Pocket Guide

All aboard the upskilling train after reading our earlier articles? Ready to become a true knowledge machine, but still wondering how to embark on this new journey? This pocket guide will serve as a method and tooling compass towards an upskilled organization. 

Authors: Alexander Suykens & Sonja Noben

Our upskilling method

Our starting point is the 70-20-10 framework. It originates from the principle that 70% of effective learning comes from experiments and experiences. 20% derives from coaching and a mere 10% comes from formal and planned trainings. Nonetheless, formal training forms the necessary backbone.

Upskilling by training

Learning through social exposure and experiences is only possible if there is a strong theoretical foundation. This “10%” goes beyond the traditional classroom training. A digital & blended learning experience presenting a mixture of on-line and off-line learning is key. Upskills range from customer experience & service redesign, management techniques, agile way of working to technological hard and soft skills. This will content-wise continue to grow and adapt based on the specifics of your organisation or market shifts and needs.

Upskilling by coaching

Coaching can appear in many forms or shapes. In the broad sense of the word, a coach is every person who wants to help another person to grow or develop. We firmly believe in the 360-degree approach where not only the reporting manager or a dedicated coach, but everyone involved is encouraged to take up the role as coach. It is strongly focused on collaboration, mentoring and providing guidance, insights and feedback. Backed up by the willingness and openness to receive it.

Upskilling by experimenting

Inspect and adapt, two of the core agile pillars, remain the primary focus. What we know and use in our daily life is learned through hands-on experience, daily tasks and challenges. There is still that small kid in each of us, as we still learn best through trial and error: we get to work, we get stuck, we try in a different way and we eventually get a bit further.

By creating a safe place with a license to experiment, your workforce will grasp the opportunity to ingrain the knowledge. Alexander Suykens

Building an upskilling home

The three-part-upskilling-method is only achievable if the workforce is equipped with a digital upskilling platform they can call home: a digital home where skills, learnings and experiences come together enabling each employee to upskill anytime anyplace anyhow. Let’s zoom in on some key elements of each essential pillar.

Learning Pillar

To foster training, the learning management system supports the blended approach with a varied digital offer of content types2. This content should always be in a snackable or bitesize length, enabling lightspeed micro-learning. Adaptable to the uniqueness of each of us, the platform should offer fixed role- or tooling-based Journeys combined with Channels where learners with similar interests can browse on their own pace anytime, anywhere. Such an approach will nurture the T-shaping you aim for.

Social Pillar

To foster coaching, feedback or praises are just a click away. Ensuring the 360-degree coaching approach, include the possibility to start an upskill conversation with every person involved, like the reporting manager, team members or other colleagues. If in need of expert advice, welcome the option to book a subject expert or a dedicated coach for onsite or remote coaching appointments.

Experimental Pillar

To foster experiments, ensure the platform is offering a digital sandbox environment. This environment can appear in different shapes depending on your digital capabilities, ranging from free software tools to even augmented or virtual reality systems where the workforce can try out fresh approaches. Make sure to connect these experiments with each other through machine learning. This way, experiments won’t repeat past mistakes or lose time finding the way, making your organisation smarter.

Human Pillar

Your workforce adopting and embracing this Upskilling platform is key. Your organisation’s adoption journey will be unique, but here are already some key elements to spark initial appetite:

  1. Diversified learning approaches (VARK model)
  2. Intuitive platform and easy-to-use templates
  3. Gamification & certifications
  4. Easy to access via single sign on for every possible device
  5. Personal, team and organizational objectives
  6. Regular engagement scans of your workforce

Technology Pillar

Ensure state-of-the-art technology that enhances the learner experience:

  1. Software-as-a-Service solution that runs entirely in the cloud
  2. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  3. Advanced analytics offering a plethora of data insights
  4. Built-in translation to ensure local experience is exploited globally
  5. API-enabled to ensure connectivity with internal and external systems
  6. Monthly update cycles that comes with a dedicated support crew

Upskill today, master tomorrow, be bold forever

Ready to act as a knowledge machine and unleash a platform that enables life-long learning and upskilling at scale, allowing the workforce to remain future proof within the fast-changing market? Let us know! DigitalScaler has hands-on experience in implementing the 5 pillars of learning with effect.

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