Blog Forging the Path of Agile Remote Work Setting

Forging the Path of Agile Remote Work Setting

In August 2020, CIO Applications Europe awarded DigitalScaler with a place on their annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Remote Work Tech consulting services and transforming businesses. Discover the accompanying article down below.

Tracing back to the 1990s, the incremental and iterative development methods (or agile approach) showed how projects could be conceptualised, created, and delivered faster and better. As the benefits of such a methodology started becoming more apparent to global businesses, many began adopting a similar route in their digitalisation journey.

However, today, the COVID-19 crisis has spawned a global change in the way organisations work. With social distancing as the new norm, many businesses are now following a work-from-home culture to sustain amid this economic upheaval. Companies that have already installed an agile way of working are experiencing a more fluid shift from working on-site to working remotely. The simpler processes, the natural autonomy of teams, and the clear flows of priorities are enabling a more natural transition into the new disrupted situation. As a result, other organisations are also now following suit to digitalise and remain viable in business quickly.

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Even then, some agile companies are facing new challenges while collaborating remotely. The remote and distributed operational processes of the work-from-home set up are calling for a redefined approach of agile methodology according to its new context. On that front, Belgium-based DigitalScaler is bringing the much-needed value for companies. A fail-safe partner for digital and agile business transformation, DigitalScaler possesses the expertise to transfer the inherent values of agile ceremonies to a remote working context.

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to execute agile digital transformation in both remote and non- remote settings for our customers Sonja Noben, Founder & CEO

As a strategic visionary, Sonja notes that many companies use digitalisation primarily to attain cost-efficiency. But, they often deliver limited benefits for clients. Why? It is because even the most innovative solution is not optimised according to the user’s specific business needs. In contrast, DigitalScaler provides customer-driven digitalisation strategies to create high customer engagement and benefits. DigitalScaler’s recipe to deliver world-class agile digital transformation services is anchored by the fact that it develops a stepped and tailored approach for various types of clients.


We listen to their situation and challenges and then orchestrate the transformation journey based on their preferences, and execute until the desired results have been achieved Sonja Noben

Today, a multitude of industries spanning finance, telecom, retail, life sciences, and manufacturing are reaping the advantages of DigitalScaler’s agile business transformation services. Depending on the phase of transformation, a company starts with C-level/leadership workshops. Then DigitalScaler performs a detailed diagnosis and creates proof of concepts and/or starts upscaling for its clients.

What makes DigitalScaler a cut above the rest is its ability to help its clients enhance their customer base and top line. At the same time, the company aids in decreasing their cost inefficiencies by not just providing strategic advice but also by guiding them through its execution. Alongside, the company strives to guide clients using its industrial expertise so that the client can become self-reliant and sustain amidst this competitive business environment.

We also prepare and train clients’ employees in completely customer-focused digital ways of collaboration and participation Sonja Noben

To this end, DigitalScaler believes that a strong ecosystem of expert partners is significant to deliver high and direct value to its customers in the digital world. The company, therefore, is a part of a unique bio-diverse ecosystem where it works together with both top strategic advisory firms as well as specialised partners having exceptional expertise in agile business transformation.

To further illustrate the company’s prowess in the agile digital transformation realm, Sonja emphasises the vast experience of DigitalScaler’s experts in company-wide scaling of customer-driven business agility.

In fact, our experts have acquired this particular large scale experience in their former roles and functions as internal employees Sonja Noben

Elaborating further, Sonja shares the story of one of the successful engagements with a reputed financial firm. DigitalScaler’s experts enabled the financial organisation to undergo a company-wide business agility journey successfully. With a connected multi-disciplinary working model that such successful transformation programs and missions would not have been possible without the expert team of DigitalScaler. In fact, victories like this are the constant inspiration force for Sonja—and her company—to drive similar experiences in different business sectors and geographies.

A lot of experts joined our great company, onboarding and incorporating their great knowledge with regard to customer-centric, agile and digital transformation Sonja Noben

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