Blog The Upskilling Journey & Personal Benefits

The Upskilling Journey & Personal Benefits

There is a rallying cry for new ways of working.  A new paradigm of the customer solutions landscape pushes individuals to assess their current qualifications. Are they ready and empowered to move at the fast pace of a digital and agile marketplace?

What will underpin personal success is the ability to reinvent skills and mindsets continuously. The responsibility is of a dual nature: employers need to offer adequate opportunities, while employees need to grab them with both hands.

Authors: Marina De Moerlooze, Jens Desmet & Sonja Noben

Are the cards stacked for success?

Today’s technologies and customer needs change faster than traditional business roadmaps can deliver. Learning and doing can no longer be separated. The best way to drive this shift is to provide a set of activities and behaviours that enable employees to act quickly. Organisations must invest in regular and frequent upskilling initiatives, delivered in formats that are in line with the increasing demands on employees’ times.

The strongest companies today have cultures of continuous education. They help employees develop the skills they need to succeed in a changing world, putting them in the driving seat of their own personal development. Now is not the time to flatten the learning curve – the winners will be those that steepen the learning curve.

Customer-focused development planning

The ability to deliver on customer expectations is a core competence of the digital employee. Developing this skill perpetuates ones added value to the organization ecosystem. This plays to the benefit of both employer as employee, deepening their professional relation and prospects.

Developing upskilling journeys around the key question: what will help to better serve the customer? Everybody in the organization should be able to answer this question. It will play a fundamental role in the ability to take advantage of the new customer-centric approach.

The multidisciplinary profile

With the rapid changes in technology and collaboration methods, existing roles and functions are under extreme pressure. Employees need to reinvent themselves multiple times throughout a career, as their current role may become obsolete in just a few years’ time. No wonder that the ability to quickly upskill has become an attractive market trait.

Building up skills, knowledge and experience in different functional areas is desirable. Multidisciplinary profiles easily connect the dots and provide superior value in agile contexts. Having an open and explorative attitude to upskilling journeys is advisable. Delving head-first into new areas will open opportunities to tackle challenges with new perspectives, also allowing for lateral career transition with ease.

Scaling Knowledge

Scale knowledge for autonomy

Leaders having extensive knowledge, sharp minds, and a fantastic intuition can lead a team to produce amazing results in a short time. Yet, there is a risk that team members wait for them to take the decisions instead of taking initiatives themselves. There is a path forward that can mitigate that problem: scale knowledge.

Leaders have a role to play in drafting a development plan with their individual team members. They must facilitate a well-balanced journey that allows for experimentation and regular failure. When also providing continuous on-the-job coaching, the team members will have continuously access to an environment to grow, build their expertise, and become more autonomous.

New to the workforce

Therefore, new college grads are deciding where to work based on how they can learn and develop on the job. It is not new that the under-30 workers are known to be more demanding and anxious. Yet, they are curious and amongst others focused on self-development.

As young graduates are aware that their careers will meander through multiple roles, industries, and company sizes, they are motivated to keep moving forward. Having several of these young graduates present in the workforce will positively impact the learning culture. Their attitudes and needs benefit everybody as new learning opportunities will become more frequent.

To conclude

The strongest companies today have cultures of continuous education – they are investing in helping employees develop the skills they need to succeed in a changing world. With a well-thought-out approach, employees are supported in their personal development journeys. DigitalScaler has experience in creating upskilling experiences that help the workforce stay relevant in a fast-changing market environment.


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