Blog Organizing a Traineeship: Former Trainees Explain Why!

Organizing a Traineeship: Former Trainees Explain Why!

Ever wondered what the advantages are of organizing a traineeship? We went to the source and asked three former trainees to share their experiences. All three of them worked for ORMIT, a talent development expert that organizes end-to-end traineeships for their clients. The former trainees reveal why they chose for a traineeship, what they learned during their time with ORMIT, and how it benefited their client-companies.

Authors: Annabel Van den Bunder, Alexander Suykens & Jens Desmet

Why did you choose for an ORMIT Track?

Jens: Coming right from university, I was still pondering on my future. While I mastered specific academic skills, I wasn’t sure how I could make a real professional impact. ORMIT offered me the opportunity to discover my strengths while kickstarting a career at a well-respected financial institution. What is not to like!

Alexander: First jobs define people, and it is hard to know what you’re good at before you have tried it. Because of that, it is incredible that ORMIT lets you play the field first: “Go out and explore. Be the best you can be at different places with different challenges”.

Annabel: On top of that, the combination of training and coaching was and still is a powerful formula. It accelerates your development as an employee and individual.

How did you experience the traineeship?

Alexander: The “traineeship magic” consists of three ingredients that work together: It all starts with different and varied projects, allowing you to learn and build a network fast. Secondly, ORMIT backs you up with relevant trainings out of their leadership model. Thirdly, your personal development coach makes sure you put your learnings to the test, helping you to develop professionally and personally.

Annabel: As a trainee, I learned many different things in different areas. Not only did I learn what it means working as a “Trainee/Consultant”, but also how I can adapt to different cultures, how I can lead a team to results and so much more. Today, in my day-to-day work, I still apply tips & tricks I have learned during my traineeship.

Jens: Starting as a young graduate in corporate environments can be tough. Having an expert support system based on developing personal leadership helps tremendously. Thanks to monthly coaching sessions, frequent soft-skill training, and an introduction to techniques like Agile, I was better equipped to help the client’s organization embrace a digital future.

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What was your greatest accomplishment at your client(s)?

Annabel: I had to deal with quite some resistance from the teams I had to work with. In the end, it turned out to be a very successful project where everyone was acting as ONE-Team. This was a considerable achievement, knowing that the people showing the most resistance became believers and true ambassadors. What I’ve learned there is that resistance can turn into strong ambassadorship.

Alexander: I worked as the transformation manager for different safety and operational excellence projects at the second largest port in Europe. By opting for an agile way of performing projects and being very stakeholder available and centric, we were able to accomplish things leadership never dreamt possible. For example, designing and implementing the first organizational re-design of the operational department in more than 30 years.

Jens: In all honesty, it was embracing the constant change. With every assignment, you switch to a new context that is specific to a division or department. Here, new challenges and opportunities have to be tackled in innovative and creative ways. You experience first-hand how fast the world is changing. Adaptability is the new key success factor!

What could have improved the value of your traineeship?

Jens: While we received plenty of support from a soft-skill perspective, our hard skills in terms of digital transformation were mostly built ‘on the job’. Deep dives in technical topics like cloud, customer journey design or scaled agile would have increased our footprint even further.

Alexander: ORMIT masters training and coaching on soft skills. Nonetheless, with extra hard skill trainings tailored to the content of my project, I could have added more value much faster.

Annabel: Indeed, I’ve learned most of my transformation skills on the job. Therefore, it is great to see ORMIT & DigitalScaler joining forces. Together they will be able to generate real digital & change catalysts.

The traineeship allows you to step out of the everyday process, reflect and see what you can improve within your power of influence. Alexander Suykens

How did it influence your future career?

Annabel: My traineeship influenced my career path and is still affecting my work-life today. Through the coaching sessions, you learn about yourself and how to control the results of your actions. When you are leading different teams in different countries, these skills come in very handy.

Alexander: Creating a deep understanding of what drives you and gives you energy, knowing very well what your strengths and pitfalls are as an individual has a tremendous impact. This allows you, at a very young age, to know exactly where you want to go and how to get there.

Jens: Getting a taste of the different organizational aspects helped me pinpoint the best fit in terms of division and role. The formula works! In my pool, eleven out of twelve trainees decided to continue their professional adventure with their client, becoming part of the internal workforce.


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