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Organise your change better

Whether in the external environment, inside our organisations, or in our personal lives, change is endemic. If change is the primary disruptor in today’s organisations, change management has the potential to be a key differentiator. 

Authors: Arne Bogaerts & Sonja Noben

Why are change management capabilities important?

Companies with agile practices embedded in their operating models manage the impact of the COVID-19 crisis better than their peers. While embedding agile practices in your organisation will be one of the critical ingredients for survival and future success, embedding change management capabilities in your organisation will be the other part of the recipe.

Change Management

How do I embed Change capabilities in my organisation?

Leading organisations are working to build Enterprise Change Management capabilities to support their organisational agility and increase the overall project success rate.

How? Setting up a Change Management Office (CMO) or Change Tribe would be a great start!

What are the responsibilities of a CMO?

There is no single right answer for the roles and responsibilities of a CMO. Each industry, organisation, functional group and set of practitioners is unique. So, it makes sense that each CMO or functional group will be unique in its contribution to the organisation.

A selection of these responsibilities could be:

  1. Owning and maintaining the enterprise-wide change management methodology and tools
  2. Providing best practice advisory to your agile and project teams
  3. Keeping an overview of the change portfolio within your organisation
  4. Tracking adoption and engagement
  5. Providing change management resources on specific projects or programs

Whatever responsibilities you pick, it will be essential to ensure responsibilities are clearly defined and socialised within the organisation. This means that the first change management action of the CMO is to create awareness and adoption for its own responsibilities. A first good test, right?

Will change management capabilities increase my agility?

The winners of the future will be those who can out-change the competition while staying aligned with customer demands. Organisational agility will be critical, and a developed change management capability is central to increasing this agility.

I want that my Change activities have more effect

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