Enhance both Customer Experience and Operational Excellence by digitally scaling your organization

We scale your digital ecosystem to improve your company-wide customer servicing capability, speed to market and innovation power, proving a better return on your investment


We are DigitalScaler and we believe

  • Speed and agility have become an essential and indispensable component of customer service and operational excellence

  • Strategic company-wide agility is indispensable to sense and respond fast to industry shifts and disrupting business models

  • Continuous Innovation is key to create new sources of value and to grow differentiating competitive advantage

  • Digital scaling is a value creating company-wide journey, delivering digital capabilities faster and at scale

What we do

We can scale tailored to your needs - from small to large scale - your capabilities in:

  • Customer experience & service (re)design

  • Digital Innovation of Customer engaging products & services

  • Data and Augmented Intelligence

  • Digital Technology & Customer engagement platform engineering

  • Human Digital skills & competencies

  • Enterprise Agility

Our approach

DigitalScaler has profound expertise in orchestrating and embedding digital & agile maturity similar to web-born players

We differentiate from high-end strategy consultants and contractors because of our deep execution experience at large scale



Holistic diagnosis of your “Digital & Agile” capabilities, determining the tailored scaling approach and framework supporting your Digital Transformation Strategy

Depending on where you are starting with one of the following implementation phases:

  • Set-up or improve your Digital/Agile incubator pre-set for Scaling

  • Pilot re-design and digitization of your most impactful customer journeys

  • Prepare upscaling at wider company-level



Accelerated set-up or optimization of your digital & agile competence center and incubator driving your company-wide transformation

Combining our:

  • Unique holistic traineeship academy to boost “Intra-Company Digital and Agile functions/Roles, skills & Competencies” to proficient/expert level

  • Unique scaling digital & agile experts proposition to staff and cross-fertilize your teams, boosting your delivery capabilities, time to market and innovation



Setting up a digital incubator built to scale when fully operational:

  • Co-creation, multi-disciplinary and fully embedded in the organization

  • Cross-departmental/entity Tribe & squads

  • Set-up proof of concepts and run agile tests to learn new skills in digital landscape

  • Thought through and ready to scale its results and capabilities throughout the Company

Holistic company-wide scaling of your digital and agile capabilities, using our:

  • In-depth experience in realistic translation and implementation of any scaling framework (e.g. SAFe, Spotify, LeSS) in our practical and agnostic way, adapted to your organization’s DNA

  • Unique approach and expertise in combined scaling of customer journey redesign, agile operating models, digital technology and people up-skilling

  • Ability to add in-depth experts to your Tribes/Squads to accelerate your digital & agile maturity

Partner ecosystem

We deliver true end-to-end value because we also scale our own capabilities and services through our Partner ecosystem

  • We are lead experts in scaling digitization and agility

  • Sharing challenging objectives and mutual values

  • Offering customers a true end-to-end scaling service

  • Delivering high performance beyond market standards

We'd love to help you Digitally Scale your organisation

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Who we are

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Chairman of the Board
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Founder & CEO
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Guido Busseniers

Founder & Top Talent Coach
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Melanie Otersen

Partner, Account Manager & Transformation Leader
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Partner & Passionate Transformation Leader
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